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Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Old Ezra, and Straight Rye

Which Ezra Brooks Bourbon Are You?

Ezra Brooks Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Old Ezra, and Straight Rye

When it comes to Ezra Brooks, the question is not whether this acclaimed line of bourbons is something you’d like — but rather, which of the Ezra Brooks bourbons would you like the most?

Part of the Lux Row Distillers family, Ezra Brooks fits the bill if you’re seeking quality at a fair price. The line features a number of whiskeys, and this is where life gets complicated. How to choose between Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Old Ezra 7-Year Barrel Strength, or Straight Rye Whiskey?

We’re here to break it down for you, highlighting the unique traits that shape each of these into the bold, brave libations they are. Use this chart to see which whiskey most accurately suits your preferred tastes. (Spoiler alert: The correct answer is all three.)

How to Stock Your Home Bar

When you’ve got a bottle (or two) of Ezra Brooks bourbon, it may feel like that’s all you’ll ever need. But don’t discount the pleasure of owning a perfectly stocked home bar, one where all the tools and gadgets necessary to mix a cool cocktail are at the ready.

Whether you’re building your bar from scratch or supplementing the basics (and by basics, we mean that shot-glass collection you amassed in college), this is what you’ll need.