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5 Defining Characteristics of the Modern Gentleman

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The modern gentleman is never less than his authentic self and always remembers his manners. While others may have let these basics slide, the honest among us strive to set an example for others by keeping these practices alive. These are things the modern gentleman is always sure to do.

He removes his hat at the table.
When entering someone’s home or sitting down to the dinner table, it’s a sign of respect to doff your cap. Leave it on, and you’re communicating that you want to keep a barrier up.

He always holds the door.
Whether exiting or entering, it’s thoughtful to make the transition a little easier for the people around you, no matter their gender. The same goes for holding elevator doors for those heading in and those on their way out. And remember — ladies first. Always.

He stands to greet someone.
Show your companion or new acquaintance that he or she has your full attention by rising to say hello. This covers not only first-time introductions, but also the welcoming of old friends.

He’s on time.
Everyone’s time is worth something, and when you’re late, you are signaling to others that their time is not important to you. Make an effort to show up when you say you will, and hopefully others will do the same for you. On the other end of the spectrum, don’t be too early. Whomever you are meeting may not be ready to receive you, so aim for as close to the agreed-upon time as possible.

He focuses on his company.
Ah, today’s modern distractions. Everything is beeping and blinking and badgering us to pay attention, often at the expense of those we are with. Be considerate of people who are right in front of you by giving them your full attention. In other words, leave the texts, emails, voicemails, and social media scrolling for when you’re alone.

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