Whiskey Drinks
for the Making

Ezra Brooks bourbon is good on its own, but everyone works better with a wingman. Higher proof means cocktails that come together with more flavor, more character, and more requests for a second round.

Old Fashioned
A classic cocktail that’s always invited to the party.
This New Orleans-born cocktail is here for a good time and a long time.
A vintage cocktail modernized with Ezra Brooks rye.
Whiskey Sour
A tangy mainstay transformed by Ezra Brooks bourbon.
How “ooh la la” sounds with a Kentucky accent.
Classic Ginger Mule
Easy to make and even easier to drink.
Bourbon Split
A fruity, creamy concoction for patio weather.
Whiskey Bulldog
A smooth, creamy cocktail with a bit of bite.

Cocktails are cool, but there’s so much more to learn about bourbon.

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