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9 Gifts for the Ezra Brooks Bourbon Lover

When you’re not sure what to gift someone, look to their interests. If they’re into bourbon, you (a) have chosen your friends wisely and (b) know exactly where to start shopping. From barware to glossy coffee-table books about bourbon and more, here are nine ideas for unique artisan gifts centered around their favorite spirit — in addition to a bottle of Ezra Brooks, of course.

Reclaimed whiskey barrel watch
Give the love of the drink daily with a watch crafted from actual Kentucky bourbon barrels. The spirit-soaked wood forms the basis for this large-face watch designed with bold lines and rivet details reminiscent of the barrels themselves. Available in both men’s and women’s, as well as leather and bracelet styles, the streamlined design is a fashion statement with a practical purpose. $329

Sleek cocktail picks
These nautical-themed stainless-steel picks call to mind Don Draper. Four unique designs are inspired by buoys and fishing bobbers, lending a worldly air to appetizers, small sandwiches, and cocktail garnishes. Each set of four comes in a glass and cork carrying case to ensure you can always find them when it’s party time. $60

Dollar Cocktail Club kit
Just as cooking kits have dominated dinner time, cocktail kits are taking over happy hour. High-quality ingredients and tools — the same used by bartenders (think Demerara sugar cubes, bitter blends, cocktail picks, stirrers, and more)  — and easy-to-follow instructions are delivered right to your door, and all you have to do is add a bottle of your favorite whiskey (ahem, you should have plenty of Ezra Brooks already on hand). Choose from the old-fashioned or hot toddy if you’re looking for a whiskey drink, and each kit comes with enough to make 12 drinks. $193

A funky flask
Just imagine pulling out a flask that’s so distinctive it’s actually award-winning. This stainless-steel stunner won the 2014 Excellence in Product Design award at the NY NOW Accent on Design, and it conveniently holds the perfect amount, 6 fluid ounces, of your favorite beverage. The mirrored finish resembles a Mylar balloon or a foil drink pouch, but the contents it holds are decidedly more adult. $60

Luxe coffee-table book
Does your giftee know everything about whiskey? Give them the swoon-worthy book World Whiskey and they soon will. The leather-bound guide to each nation’s history and legacy with the spirit is appropriate for novices and experts alike. Geek out on discussion of aroma, tasting notes, production, and even a map to plan a tasting trip around the world. You can even personalize it with gold lettering for an additional cost. $129

 A second luxe coffee-table book
There’s no such thing as too many beautiful books, so add Whiskey Cocktails to the gift list too. Likewise bound in leather, this tome includes more than 100 cocktail recipes that span the classics to innovative new creations. It will quickly earn a spot on the home bar when not being displayed with pride. $85

Coppery shot glasses
Clear out the college souvenirs and welcome in this sophisticated shot set by Tom Dixon, which includes four shot glasses and a jigger for precise measurement. The copper-plated stainless-steel barware collection reworks cocktail culture and updates drinking traditions for a set that’s as cool to drink from as it is to display. $110 (tray and jug are sold separately)

Personalized whiskey stones
Whiskey stones have a multitude of uses, from preventing iced coffee’s watery dregs to quickly reviving drinks that have warmed to room temperature. Frankly, they should be part of every aficionado’s collection, but if somehow your friend doesn’t have a set yet, this is the way to go. Nine cubes of non-porous soapstone can be monogrammed with up to three letters, ensuring fond feelings each time they’re pulled from the freezer and put into action. $36

Classic bar cart
A sleek bar station elevates cocktail hour for any whiskey drinker — plus it’s ideal for entertaining, providing a spot for glasses, barware, cocktail napkins, and yes, all of your Ezra Brooks bourbon. Enter this sleek brass bar cart, with a hand-applied finished and two shelves. It’s also as functional as it is stylish, with wheels so it can easily move with the party. $499

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