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ezra brooks bourbon 99 proof

How to Find Flavor Notes When Tasting Bourbon and Whiskey

ezra brooks bourbon 99 proof

It doesn’t take much to recognize that whiskey is delicious — you just have to taste it. Whether you love a rich, smooth bourbon or a spicy, zesty rye, it’s easy to love the whiskey flavor. However, if you want to take your appreciation of this spirit to the next level, it’s helpful to be able to identify flavor notes that go beyond simply “delicious.” 

Ezra Brooks Bourbon barrel head

The Difference Between Ezra Brooks 99 Bourbon and Ezra Brooks 99 Straight Rye Whiskey

Whether you’re ordering a Manhattan at a bar or picking out a bottle at your local liquor store, understanding the difference between bourbon and rye whiskey will help ensure you end up with the drink of your dreams. Even if you love any and all types of whiskey, it still never hurts to have a little extra knowledge under your belt — and learning about the differences between bourbon and rye whiskey can be fun if your lessons include plenty of tastings. 

Today, we’re discussing the difference between Ezra Brooks 99 Bourbon and Ezra Brooks 99 Straight Rye Whiskey.   

Ezra Brooks Bourbon barrel head

What is National Bourbon Day? And How You Can Celebrate

Ezra Brooks Bourbon barrel head

National Bourbon Day falls on June 14. Some say that the holiday marks the first day bourbon was ever distilled, but since it’s difficult to trace the exact person who invented bourbon, as well as the exact place where bourbon first got its start, it’s equally challenging to say whether or not June 14 is genuinely bourbon’s birthday.  

Regardless of what’s true and what’s merely folklore, we’ll take any excuse to celebrate all things bourbon. If you’re the same, here are six ways to celebrate National Bourbon Day this June.  

Why is Some Whiskey Smoother Than Others?

While there isn’t a scientific way to measure or describe the “smoothness” of a spirit, if you’re a whiskey drinker, you know that some bottles go down easier than others. You can think about how smooth a whiskey feels and tastes — if a sip burns your throat and makes your eyes water, the spirit in your glass shouldn’t be described as smooth. On the other hand, if you can pleasantly sip and savor a dram on its own, “smooth” is probably an apt descriptor. 

It’s Time to Talk About Old Ezra 7 and Old Ezra 7 Rye

The holidays are a time for celebration, and what can make any celebration better? New whiskeys! This year, we’ve welcomed a new addition to the Lux Row Distillers family of whiskeys: Old Ezra 7-Year Straight Rye Whiskey. A limited-time offering, you’ll be able to pick up this gorgeous sweet and oaky whiskey starting in late November.  

Here’s what you can expect:

Bottle of Ezra Brooks Distiller's Collection in front of Lux Row Distillery

What is a Distiller’s Collection Bourbon and How is it Developed?

Bottle of Ezra Brooks Distiller's Collection in front of Lux Row Distillery

Take a look around the shelves at your favorite spirit retailer or distillery visitor center, and you’re bound to find a few bourbons labeled “Ezra Brooks Distiller’s Collection.” These bourbons are highly sought after due to their limited supplies and uniqueness.  

In this article, we discuss what exactly a “Distiller’s Collection” Bourbon is, how they are developed, and where you can get your hands on these awesome bottles that are likely never to be produced precisely the same again.