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Man tying a tie

The Modern Man’s Guide to Tying a Tie

Man tying a tie

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must put aside the clip-on ties and step up to the plate with the real thing. This is no problem if you know how to tie one. Otherwise, read on.

Normal Brand duffle

Ezra-Approved Duffle Bags Made in the USA

Normal Brand duffle

Every modern gentleman knows the importance of seeing the world, but it’s hard to globe-trot without a good duffle bag. These three stand out for their American craftsmanship, because you should never have to sacrifice style or longevity.

Cigar holder from Holtz Leather Co.

Honestly Good Stuff: Holtz Leather Company

Cigar holder from Holtz Leather Co.

When looking for an American success story, it doesn’t get more authentic than that of Coleen and Rick Holtz. Despite a series of tragic events, including almost losing their home, the resilient couple rebounded by starting a monogramming business in their garage.

Ezra Brooks bourbon with hearts for Valentine's Day

The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Ezra Brooks bourbon with hearts for Valentine's Day

Even without all the candy hearts, flower displays, and jewelry commercials, a modern gentleman wouldn’t forget Valentine’s Day. He knows to honor his significant other on the most romantic day of the year. Even if the holiday feels a little contrived, an authentic celebration of love never is.

If you’re looking for some V-Day inspo, here are five Ezra Brooks-approved ways show the love.

How to Make a Bourbon-Glazed Turkey

If there’s one thing a modern man should know how to do, it’s make a turkey for holiday entertaining. You can prove your kitchen prowess by serving this bourbon-glazed turkey for Thanksgiving or any other holiday dinner — forever sealing your fate as master of the bird.

If you’re feeling plucky, you can spatchcock* your turkey before roasting. Yeah, we went there.

Beyond-Basic Whiskey Accessories for the Modern Man

Your home bar may be stocked with the basics — and of course that includes a bottle (or two) of Ezra Brooks — but there are so many accessories out there that elevate your drinking experience.

It’s even better when you amass items with a history, ones that are handcrafted by artisans who are just as dedicated to quality as you are. Read on to see what you’ll need.

5 Non-Bourbon Lifestyle Essentials for the Modern Man

Leather boots, a style essential for the modern gentleman

To be a master at life, you first need to master your personal effects. Knowing “your brand” of bourbon whiskey is only one component; there are a few other everyday items that every true gentleman should collect.